V8 Rumble Rockabilly Band are no more!

V8 Rumble Rockabilly Band

V8 Rumble Rockabilly Band hail from Norfolk, UK and feature the classic 3 piece rockabilly line-up of Thumping Slap Bass, Stripped down Drum Kit and Twanging Guitar. The band formed in the Norfolk town of North Walsham in 1996 and now gigs regularly around Norfolk events, pubs and clubs playing classic rock 'n' roll and rockabilly songs & instrumentals, cover versions of more modern material played rockabilly style and some of their own rockabilly songs.

V8 Rumble - Old Dawgs New Tracks Album V8 Rumble Studio Rockabilly Album 'Old Dawgs New Tracks CD Album' now available for download.

V8 Rumble - Transmission Album V8 Rumble Live Rockabilly Album 'Transmission' now available for download.

Take me to the Those Deadbeat Cats.